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Skills for Success – Adaptability

The Government of Canada has launched a new initiative called Skills for Success that focusses on nine skills essential for people to develop for success in learning, work and everyday life.

Anyone can visit this website to find out more and access the resources. There are quizzes, workbooks and programs in order to assess, build and hone your skills.

The first skill presented is extremely relevant to everyone these days, adaptability.

Over the past eighteen months, we have faced constant change in all areas of our lives ranging from social norms, to the ways people attend school, job search, carry out the duties of their jobs and operate a business. It is important that we have the ability to develop new skills and behaviours in order to make modifications to respond to our changing circumstances.  Being adaptable means that you possess traits such as resourcefulness, open-mindedness, responsiveness and creativity. Adaptability includes problem solving, teamwork, stress management and communication skills. It also means that you are aware of, acknowledge and accept change and are able to manage expectations, cope and recover in times when change may not be positive; this is known as resiliency.

When faced with impending change, all of the above components of adaptability may seem overwhelming to embody. Therefore, here are some simple tips to start cultivating your ability to adapt:

  • Learn from others and seek new ways to do things
  • Be willing to make mistakes; acknowledge that it is an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Think positively and realistically; use positive self talk
  • Ask questions and seek understanding
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for support
  • Reflect on your experiences – what went well and what could be done differently

If you are able to increase your adaptability, then the next time there is a change in your personal life or career path, you will find it easier to adjust or figure out an effective way to respond and cope.

If you are curious about assessing and developing your adaptability skills and exploring the other Skills for Success, visit this site:


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