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Canadian Coast Guard – April 2019








Tell us about your business/organization and what makes you stand out as an employer?

The Canadian Coast Guard is a nationally recognized and world-leading symbol of maritime service and safety. Our iconic red and white ships, hovercrafts and helicopters represent the federal government’s presence along 250,000 kilometers of coastline touching three oceans and the Great Lakes, the longest of any country in the world.

The Canadian Coast Guard is entrusted to deliver valuable programs and services to Canadians. As a Special Operating Agency within Fisheries and Oceans Canada, we ensure the safety of all mariners on our waters, protect our marine environment and support economic growth through safe and efficient movement of maritime trade in and out of Canada’s waters.

How many employees do you have?

Canadian Coast Guard currently employs approximately 1250 people in Western Region and 4700 across Canada.

What do you look for in a new employee?

Whether you are willing to learn the maritime way of life, or are already in love with life on the water, we are looking for people who have a passion to help others and who bring innovative ideas, creativity, energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute and influence our path to a brighter future.  Like other organizations, we also require employees to manage our finances, human resources, marine technology infrastructure, and capital projects – among other corporate management responsibilities.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work for your organization?

Explore our website at www.ccg-gcc.gc.ca where you’ll find lots of information and videos on various career opportunities with the Canadian Coast Guard. Come see us at career fairs in your area or contact us with your questions. Remember to view www.jobs.gc.ca frequently for new job posters.

Do you anticipate hiring in the next 6 months? If so for what types of positions?

Yes, we anticipate hiring in the next 6 months for various positions including seagoing such as deckhands, cooks and stewards, lightkeepers, shore based trades and administrative positions.

What is the best way for someone to apply if they are interested in working for your organization?

Interested candidates should apply online at www.jobs.gc.ca

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