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Tip of the month

November Tip of the Month

Benefits of Seasonal Employment

While taking a seasonal job may not seem like an obvious step forward in your employment plan, these types of jobs can help you in many ways:

  1. Flexibility – seasonal jobs can fill the time gaps between other projects. For example: school, childcare, or another job.


  1. Earning Potential – several employers pay higher wages or offer signing bonuses for seasonal employment. Often there are more chances for overtime in short-term employment.


  1. Work and Travel – some employers pay the travel cost of getting you to a job in a different province or country. This gives you a chance to work, travel and explore new opportunities while on location. Accommodations may be paid for by your employer as well, which in turn keeps your living costs down.


  1. Finding Your Niche – seasonal jobs give you the opportunity to try out different jobs to see if they are a good fit or not. If not, then a short-term commitment is an alternative to resigning. If it’s something you enjoy then it’s a good introduction to a field you may want to pursue.


  1. Building Skills – each new job brings to the table a list of new skills to build on. For instance, good customer service skills will serve you well in every position dealing with the public. Many employers provide training courses which offer valuable certificates or tickets that will help you gain long term employment.  For example, First Aid, WHMIS, FoodSafe, Serving it Right, a Forklift ticket and many more. These are transferable skills that can be added to your portfolio and may be required in your next line of work.


  1. Building Character – starting a new job is exciting and can be a little nerve racking at the same time. New experiences help you to practice determination, self-control, patience, and eventually confidence. These are all good values that build characteristics which will impress your next employer.


  1. Employer Perks – some seasonal employers will entice you to join their team with perks. Who wouldn’t enjoy working a summer job and receiving employee discounts at a spa, free lift passes, or tickets to special events for example?


  1. Networking & References – the people you work with and for, can help you find other employment opportunities. For example, they may hear of other opportunities they feel you would be perfect for, or they may be a good reference for you in the future. The more people you impress the greater your chances are of finding that dream job you’ve been waiting for.


  1. Getting Your Foot In the Door – starting out with a seasonal position gives your employer a chance to see what you can do and gives you the opportunity to gain the skills you need to do the job. Often employers hire someone for work ethic and attitude, they can always teach you the skills you need.  If you impress your employer they will want to keep you and may offer you more work within their organization if possible.


  1. Resume Building – seasonal work will fill gaps in your resume. It will demonstrate your new skills, it will show that you’re flexible to try new positions, that you’re eager to work and that you’re a go-getter making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen.

October Tip of the Month

Self Employment – It Could be for You!

Small Business Week on October 15-21, 2017 is an annual celebration of entrepreneurship. Did you know in British Columbia, 79% of small businesses are micro businesses with fewer than 5 employees? In fact, Vancouver Island holds the second largest concentration of small businesses after Mainland/Southwest region of BC.

Have you considered self-employment or are you hiding your inner entrepreneur?  Maybe you think all entrepreneurs are risk-takers, aggressive, have it all together, energetic, outgoing extroverts.  The good news is we are all entrepreneurs and by appreciating who we really are, we can build a business to fit our personality.

Myths are being busted about the personal qualities that are needed in order to be a successful entrepreneur.  Introvert, shy, highly sensitive, unconventional, non-conformist or non-traditional are all terms that have been used in a negative way to describe personalities, especially when it comes to business. However, if you consider the advantages these personalities bring to the table, you won’t have any trouble seeing them as assets.  We have gathered some suggested readings from authors writing on this subject that will have you appreciating your entrepreneurial potential (some are available in our resource room and at the library or online).

  • The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms by Beth L. Buelow
  • The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth: Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, Misfits, and World Dominators by Chris Brogan
  • How to be Everything and Renaissance Business (Modern guides for creative people with multiple passions and interests) by Emilie Wapnick
  • Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days by Chris Guillebeau

Get to know yourself, appreciate your uniqueness and be a trailblazer in your own unique way.

The Career Centre can assist you in this journey through a number of workshops on getting to know yourself better:

  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • ICS – Implicit Career Search
  • Creating Your Own Employment
  • Self-care for Job Seekers


September Tip of the Month

Did you know that September is Disability Employment Month? In September 2014 the BC Government released Accessibility 2024, which is a 10 year action plan focused on making B.C.; “the most progressive place for people with disabilities in Canada by 2024”.

Here are some interesting facts about employment for people who identify as having a disability in B.C.:

  • There are more than 546,000 people in B.C. over the age of 15, who identify as having a disability—that’s almost 15%.
  • The employment rate for people with disabilities (aged 15 to 64 years) is 18 percentage points lower than for people without disabilities.
  • On average, the total cost to accommodate an employee with a disability is under $500.
  • Consumers with disabilities in Canada spend $25 billion a year and growing.
  • Since April 2012, the Employment Program of BC and associated local WorkBC Employment Service Centres have helped nearly 8,000 people with disabilities reach their employment goals.
  • Since 2012, more than $1.34 million has been spent assessing technology needs and providing assistive technology to almost 600 job seekers with disabilities through the Employment Program of BC.

Source: https://news.gov.bc.ca/stories/creating-opportunities-disability-employment-month


Here at the Career Centre, as your WorkBC Employment Services Centre, we offer assistance to anyone who is looking for employment and is currently unemployed or working under 20 hours per week.  We can assist job seekers with diverseabilites and we also offer support to employers looking to hire.

We have programs and initiatives available to assist persons with diverseabilities reach their employment goals.

In addition, the Career Centre works with various service providers that provide support for persons with diversabilities including Vancouver Island Vocational and Rehabilitation Services (VIVRS) and Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre (IDHHC). Contact the Career Centre at 250.248.3205 or email info@careercentre.org for more information.

August Tip of the Month

Job Shadowing

Are you looking for a new career but unclear on the direction you would like to go? Are you wanting to pursue a post-secondary education but not sure what career appeals to you? Job shadowing can be an excellent way to learn about a professional’s day-to-day responsibilities and decide whether their career appeals to you and aligns with your values and beliefs. It can also provide valuable opportunities to network with professionals in your chosen field.

A job shadowing experience allows you to explore a specific career of interest by observing an employee perform their work duties at their place of employment. The experience should provide realistic career information that will help you in making a career choice.

Job shadowing can provide enough information about the new and different job to alleviate fear of the unknown and to get a bigger picture of most of the requirements of the position. For example, I had a client who loved to spend time with seniors; she enjoyed listening to their stories and asking questions, organizing arts and crafts and helping them with chores. She was positive that being a Health Care Aide would be the perfect position for her! She met with a Health Care Aide at a senior’s facility, shadowed her for the day and realized that there were some aspects of the job she wasn’t sure she could do. One day of job shadowing helped with her career decision. This client is still in the helping field but in a different position.

Tips for a Successful Experience

Before you arrive for your job-shadowing experience, be clear on all the details. Be sure to confirm time to arrive, location, what to wear and anything else you may need to bring.

Do your research! Know as much about the company as possible. Jot down some notes and questions to ask. This will create a good impression, it will show initiative and help you learn more from the experience. At the end of the day shake hands, maintain eye contact, thank every person for their time and ask for their business cards. Sending them a personal thank you or email after you’re done shadowing can make a strong final impression.

You might have had a great job shadowing experience but realized that this is not the career for you. Stay positive and professional! You have made some great contacts.


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