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December Tip of the Month

Tips for Holiday Self Care

Another holiday season is upon us. The season can bring stress, disappointment, and overindulgence. During the season it is easy to lose sight of what keeps us physically and mentally healthy. A little thought and planning will help you stay grounded so you can survive this holiday season.

Exercise is key – During the holidays most people skip their workout to make room for other seasonal activities. Physical activity is important because it reduces stress, improves mood and concentration, and fights depression. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or take a long run, simply scale back. Research shows that even just ten minutes of daily exercise helps with positive thinking and re-energizes you in order to keep you going throughout your day.

Get in touch with gratitude –Gratitude can help with stress and depression. Research shows that simply thinking the question, “What am I grateful for?” increases dopamine and serotonin, even if you can’t actually think of an answer. Just searching for things to be grateful about builds stronger positive emotional pathways in your brain.

Protect your sleep – Chronic sleeplessness and poor sleep can mess with people’s emotional and physical health. The holiday season can be stressful and many of us don’t sleep as well this time of year. Consistent quality sleep will make you and your family happier and healthier over the holidays. Cut back on caffeine and eliminate it entirely after 2 pm. Skipping naps, especially the ones that find you sprawled on the couch after a big meal, will improve your ability to fall asleep at night. And though it’s tempting, take a pass on the goodies in the cupboard or leftovers in the fridge for at least three hours before bed. That way, heartburn, indigestion, or a sugar headache won’t keep you awake.

Feel your feelings – The holidays often bring up strong feelings for people around everything from family losses, to meeting the high expectations of visiting family. Most of us would rather avoid those difficult emotions through the holiday traditions of eating or drinking rather than just accepting that it is natural to feel them this time of year.

The Career Centre will be closed December 25, 26 and January 1st. However, we will be open all other weekdays. If you are feeling the stress of your job search during the holiday season come in and to learn more about how we can support you during this time.

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