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February Tip of the Month

No one is responding to my applications – what should I do?”

We hear again and again from job seekers how frustrating it can be to get no response after applying to various positions.  The best advice we can suggest is to not take this personally.  The typical procedure for organizations now is to only get in touch with applicants shortlisted for an interview.

When employers receive 100, 200 or even 300 resumes for an advertised position, they do not have time to connect with candidates they are not planning to interview.  According to the website Glassdoor, only 2% of applicants will get a call for an interview.

So what should you do?

Revise your resume for each job you are applying to. You do not need to do a completely different resume for every job, but rather just revise it.  Make sure you are highlighting your skills and abilities and truthfully documenting how you will meet their needs based on the job advertisement. 

Network, network, network!  Companies want to hire someone they know or someone who has been a referral from someone they trust. The larger your network, the more people you have who could vouch for you in an employment situation.  Make sure your contacts know you are looking for employment and what it is you are willing to do for work.

Don’t get discouraged, continue to apply, continue to follow up, and build your network.

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