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June Tip of the Month

Carve Out Your Job!

I recently asked the owner of a car dealership if money was no object what would be a position he would like to create in his company. He responded that if money was no object he would hire a friendly, tech-savvy person to come in and teach new car owners how to use all the computerized functions in their car. I bet you never would have thought of this as a job! I know I certainly hadn’t.

Now maybe the car dealership doesn’t have the money to create a new position, but perhaps there is a way to create your own side gig. If you can show an employer that you can:

  • Save them money,
  • Make them money, or
  • Expand their customer base,

there is a strong likelihood you may be able to carve out a job for yourself.

You may have to think outside the box of traditional employment and you may have to take on a self-employment gig, but there are opportunities out there waiting to be had.

For example, with the car dealership, you could propose to the employer that you will come to their place of business twice a week for 2 hours and meet with car owners, helping them navigate their computerized systems. Expanding the car dealerships customer base would be a great way to market it to the employer. In turn, you could request a fee for this service as a self-employed contractor. Or, perhaps they see your passion and motivation and decide to put you on the payroll. Either way you’ve created a job for yourself!

What are your passions, where do you see you could add value to a business? Perhaps answering these questions could help you carve out your next job!

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