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May Tip of the Month

Ways for Youth to Stay Productive During COVID-19

If you are in high school, university or college you are probably wondering what the future holds for you in terms of employment. Many students had jobs lined up for the summer to help pay for next semester’s tuition or complete a practicum. Now, there may be some unexpected challenges along the way and what happens after COVID-19? The unknown can be scary, but try to stay positive as this will pass!  And remember, you are not alone! What do you have control over now that will help you to move forward when the COVID-19 is over?

Here are some tips to keep you busy and remain positive!

  • Find a Career Advisor. They are likely to offer assistance remotely and will help in finding employment options and opportunities. They also may be able to help with any concerns you have with COVID 19.
  • How will you spend your time? Now is a good time to plan for your future. Do some research on careers and think about what is of interest to you. Consider finding a free career assessment tool online, such as: https://www.workbc.ca/blueprintbuilder.
  • Continue to learn. Most schools have moved into online instruction. Ask your instructor for help if you are struggling, or see if are there any other courses you can take to boost your grades up.
  • Stay healthy. Ensure you follow guidelines set by the Provincial Government. Your physical and mental well-being is important. Stay connected with friends, family and peers. Supporting each other through this difficult time is important. Cheer out your window for the front line workers every night at 7:00 pm, sing “Oh Canada” every Sunday at noon.  Here is a list of resources to help you stay healthy both physically and mentally: https://www.studentminds.org.uk/coronavirus.html
  • Help others. During this crisis, people need help. You can volunteer with an organization, help a neighbour with getting groceries, cut their lawn, or walk their dog. Oceanside Volunteer Association is always looking for people to help out. For a list of volunteer positions in the Oceanside area: https://www.oceansidevolunteer.org/volunteer-opportunities.

When the pandemic is lifted and you apply for your next job, the employer may ask “What did you do during COVID-19?”  What will you say?

Remember Dr. Bonnie Henry’s words, “Be kind. Stay calm and stay safe. This is not forever this is just for now.”

For information on Federal Student Aid: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/covid-19-trudeau-offers-9-billion-to-students-facing-joblessness-over-pandemic


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