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November Tip of the Month

Cover Letters

Why use them? Because they are a way to further communicate your knowledge of the company and position and allow you to STAND OUT from the crowd.

We recommend you start out your first sentence with a bang. No more “Please find attached my resume for the position….” The first sentence is your opportunity to grab the employer’s attention.  Some examples of a great first sentence(s):

  • As I am passionate about the coffee industry, I was excited to see your advertised position for a barista.
  • As a five star resort in our community, I am aware how important reputation is to your business and I can bring outstanding customer service to the role of front desk clerk.
  • Preparing food to a high standard for residents in your assisted living facility would be a position I would take very seriously.
  • Congratulations on your award for best beer on Vancouver Island! I am excited for the opportunity to apply for the position of sales to support ABC Brewery company reach your goals.
  • Your mission to provide customers with the highest level of service possible has always been my goal in the service industry. When a customer walks out the door with a smile I know I’ve done my job.
  • Providing quality work in a timely manner is of high importance to customers. With my background and strong aptitude in mechanics, strong work ethic and ability to pay attention to detail, I can support your team.

All of these opening sentences show the employer you know a little bit about them and highlight how you can continue to support them to excel. Take the time to look at the company’s website – what is their vision and goals? Ensure you let them know you can help them reach these goals.

In the second paragraph provide the employer with some examples of how your skills and experience relate to the position. Let the employer know you have the competencies to do the job. Try to tell a story as these are the memorable examples the employer will be able to refer back to when short listing for the interview. For example:

While working as a small engine mechanic I reviewed technical/workshop manuals to ensure the equipment was repaired as per manufacturer specifications. I ensured everything went out of the shop performing at 100% while meeting customer and company deadlines.

 This paragraph tells a story to the employer of how the candidate problem solved to ensure the job was done right, in a timely manner.

The closing paragraph should highlight again the key strengths you bring to the position and indicate your enthusiasm to meet with the employer in person.

Need some more cover letter tips? Sign up for our next Resumes and Cover Letter workshop by calling the Career Centre at 250.248.3205.

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