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October Tip of the Month

Are you thinking about Self-Employment?

Did you know that as of 2016:

  • There are approximately 396,100 small businesses operating in British Columbia
  • 98% of BC’s businesses are small
  • 79% of these businesses employ less than 5 people
  • 51% of these entrepreneurs operate without paid help
  • 40% of BC’s workforce is employed in small business

Small business is the backbone of the BC economy contributing 33% of the province’s Gross Domestic Product.  It is vital to the economy of the province and provides us with many of the essentials in our day to day lives.

Have you ever thought of yourself as an entrepreneur?  Have you had a business idea that just won’t leave you?  If so, you are encouraged to make an appointment with your Employment Counsellor to see if you are eligible for the Self-Employment Program.  They can determine your eligibility and refer you to a Self-Employment Orientation, which will explain the program in detail and provide a self-assessment of your entrepreneurial skills.

If eligible, you will be shown how to develop a Business Concept and Business Plan and receive coaching and guidance throughout the process.  If your Business Concept is approved, you will be able to start the implementation of the business as you work on your Business Plan. Personal financial supports, workshops, coaching and mentoring are part of the Self-Employment Program for up to forty-eight weeks at which time the expectation is that you will be self-sufficient.

It is not necessary that this is a new business.  You can purchase an existing business and receive the benefits of the Self-Employment Program.

Small business is important to our communities as well as the province of British Columbia.  In recognition, October is Small Business month.  Celebrate it, support it, or, perhaps join it!

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