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How cultivating your own Social Emotional Skills can improve employment resilience

Social emotional skills (SES) are becoming key hiring priorities for employers from various industries. SES includes attributes in five core areas: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

  1. Self-awareness – can be defined as having insight into our own thoughts and behaviors.
  2. Self-management – Can include managing emotions, and having the ability to prioritize.
  3. Social awareness – is having an understanding and awareness to empathize with others including those from other backgrounds & cultures.
  4. Relationship skills – interacting with others in a respectful way, building trust, and creating rapport.
  5. Responsible decision making – making well-thought out ethical decisions.

Any work environment can be stressful, at times there can be conflict or challenging decisions to be made. However, one of the core concepts of improving and cultivating your own SES is that it can lead to better job satisfaction through open communication, understanding, and the ability to be resilient.

Please visit https://somotus.com/2022/04/01/social-emotional-skills-importance-at-workplace/ for more information about SES.

There is also a free 1 hour online course offered by CASL on Social Emotional Learning. Click here to learn more.

JAM – JUNE 19, 2023

An invitation to Career Centre clients for our BBQ this Wednesday; FREE training opportunities for Youth in the carpentry and electrical trades; and many, many job opportunities to explore! You’ll find those and more in our JAM Update for June 19, 2023. Click here.

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