The Power of Social Networking

Fat Cyclist began blogging his attempts at weight loss and about his love of cycling where he gained a degree of blogging success. Then his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and he blogged this fight as well. He started raising money particularly through the LiveStrong foundation (Lance Armstrong’s foundation) and he had phenomenal success with his fundraisers.  

A few days ago “Fatty” wrote an “Open Letter to Johan Bruyneel”, the Director of Lance Armstrong’s new cycling team. The open letter was a joke applying for a job as a professional cyclist. You can read his cover letter here.

Johan Bruyneel saw the letter and thought it was funny so he proposed that if he could raise $20,000 in one week for charity (World Bicycle Relief and the LiveStrong Foundation) he would allow him to be a pro for a day at the team training camp.  Then John raised the stakes by offering a very nice bicycle if Fatty raised $50,000.  The $20,000 was raised in two or three days and then the $50,000 was accomplished soon after, so Bruyneel raised the stakes further and offered a trip to the Tour de France if he raised $100,000 by Friday. Fatty ended up raising more than $135,000 for LiveStrong and World Bicycle Relief. An example of amazing fundraising and the power of social networking. The Career Centre is interested in how you are using social networking to assist you in reaching your career goals.

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