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BladeRunners Program



BladeRunners is an award winning provincially funded program providing free life skills and job readiness training to youth ages 15 to 30, in order to succeed in the local job market.

Programs are delivered one to two times per year and may have either a construction or hospitality focus. A variety of customized certifications are included such as first aid, WHMIS, flagging, forklift and Construction Safety Training Systems, FoodSafe, Serving it Right, barista, cashier and customer service training. In the construction based program, the curriculum will include a tools and safety orientation.

Both the hospitality and construction programs include local work experience and continuing support.

Once participants complete the program, employers will receive a wage subsidy for up to four weeks from the Central Vancouver Island Job Opportunities Building Society (CVIJOBS). The ultimate goal for our participants is long term employment.

Our youth need jobs! We create partnerships with employers who understand not only our program, but the needs of young people in our community.

What are the benefits to me as the employer?

Benefits for employers who participate include:

  • Help youth join the local economy
  • Meet your long term human resource needs
  • Community enhancement; invest in the lives and future of our youth population
  • An opportunity to engage in mentoring activities which have proven to increase loyalty in employees and prepare and promote leadership development
  • Trained staff – youth will have completed a variety of professional development workshops and training. Although training is a great tool to prepare youth for the world of work, without real work experience they are not able to practice the skills they have learned or have the opportunity to truly understand employer’s expectations.

If you believe this program is a good fit for your business, contact Diana Jolly, our Employer Services Coordinator at 250.248.3205 and learn more about how you can benefit from hiring a BladeRunner.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hire a BladeRunner from this upcoming program with a hospitality focus:

May 7-31, 2018



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