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Hiring Fair

Our annual Hiring Fair is an excellent opportunity for employers and job seekers to connect one-on-one in a comfortable yet dynamic environment.

Previously held at the Parksville Community Centre, this four hour afternoon event has been a tremendous success for all participants.  With upwards of 45 employers and 500 attendees, you don’t want to miss this highly anticipated community event!


As a job seeker, you will want to seize the opportunity to shine!  Imagine being able to speak with an employer face-to-face and directly hand your resume to him or her.  This is a unique opening to impress key decision makers with your polished appearance, confident attitude and knowledge of their company.

Approach the fair as you would if you were being interviewed at an employer’s place of business, dress appropriately and arrive prepared. If you are concerned about not having the right clothing for meeting employers at the Hiring Fair, the Salvation Army, SOS and other local thrift stores have reasonably priced attire.

Prior to attending, ensure you take time to research the businesses you are interested in seeing.  Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask. Check the Career Centre website often in the days leading up to the Hiring Fair as we update the employer list on a regular basis.

Make several copies of your resume, cover letter and references on good quality paper and include them in a folder to take with you.  Don’t forget to bring a list of the employers you are interested in meeting and also a note pad and pen.

While at the Hiring Fair, keep notes of who you met with, the company they worked for and if possible, obtain a business card and any other pertinent information from them.

Employers are always pleased to receive a thank you note or e-mail.  Why not let them know how much you appreciated the opportunity to meet them at the Hiring Fair?  This is a terrific way to make sure you are top of mind and although a small gesture, can set you apart from other job seekers.  Ensure you use proper business language as employers do not appreciate jargon or abbreviations and avoid spelling mistakes.  Don’t forget to proofread your writing prior to sending and be certain you have the correct spelling of their name on the note.



Take a look at comments from past attendees…

“FAR more useful than just job hunting online. I felt like I had a much better chance with employers meeting me in person rather than just reading about me.”

“Great opportunity to see what is available for employment. Good variety of employers to peruse. We are very lucky to have the Career Centre in our community. Thank you.”

“The amount of employers was amazing!”

“The employers were very nice and helpful. I feel much more confident now than when I first came in.”

“Good selection and variety of prospective employers at today’s fair.”

“Great resource here in our community! Good variety of employers. Thanks for all your hard work.”



As an employer, this is your opportunity to shine also!  Engage job seekers who are eager to learn more about not only what you do, but the work culture of your organization.  Attract potential employees with perks and incentives your current staff benefit from.

Be sure to bring your application forms, job descriptions, brochures, business cards and a file folder to hold the many resumes you will be receiving from job seekers.



Take a look at comments from past participants…

“I thought it was fantastic, one of the best organized I have been to. How lovely to also have food and coffee. Coordinators were great and helpful and very responsive to questions. It is a hard event to plan and we appreciate that you put it on.”

“The Hiring Fair is our number one place for receiving resumes for summer positions. It is very important to us!”

“Just a quick note to say thank you. The Parksville Career Centre put on a great event, glad we could attend.”

“A wonderful opportunity for local businesses to meet prospective employees. Particularly to meet our increased hiring needs for seasonal roles in the spring. The fair was well attended and the Career Centre staff were amazing. One of the best run career fairs I have attended, which is many! Thank you so much.”

“As always, the Career Centre does a very organized and professional job of the Hiring Fair. Not only do we benefit from having the ability to meet new potential workers, it is always a great networking opportunity.”

“As a former “job-seeker” who used your services, I am always impressed with the willingness of your staff to help clients succeed. Today, as a representative of an employer, it was great to see the same willingness extended to help employers succeed in finding employees in a very competitive job market.”


Whether you are a Jobseeker or Employer, this will be an amazing opportunity for you!



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