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October 4th, during Active Aging Week we are offering
Know Your Personality Dimensions
a super fun workshop to discover your work interests, strengths and values!
Call us at 250.248.3205 to reserve your spot!

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Career Search

Searching for ideal career options?

The staff, tools, services and information at the Career Centre can help with your career search. Making career choices is easier when you know your own interests and abilities. We offer personal assessments, workshops and a resource room, ideal to guide you along the way.

We support Career Cruising™, which is an industry-leading online career guidance and planning system. This self-exploration tool, designed for all ages, helps you find the right career, explore education and training options, and build your own portfolio.

The Career Centre offers three workshops designed to assist you with your career search:

Career Planning, is designed to get you started or redefine your career path. Career Cruising™ is included in this workshop.

Discover your Career includes Personality Dimensions® which helps you better understand your interests and skills to find the best occupational match.

Finding the Fit involves Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment® which is a trusted and thorough tool designed to identify your personal preferences. You can then apply these results to help determine your ideal work environment and understand how you best operate in the world or work.

Which one should I take? You can’t go wrong with any or all of these workshops. The more knowledge you have about yourself, the better you will become at narrowing the field.

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