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Tip of the month


How to Prepare for the Hiring Fair – Part 2

Walking into a Hiring Fair can feel overwhelming to many of us, especially if you tend to feel nervous in unfamiliar situations or it is your first time attending. With a little preparation (see February Tip of the Month), some reflection on your own personal goals, and some strategies to manage nervousness, you will be able to work the Hiring Fair like a pro!

Tips to Calm Your Nerves

Don’t be afraid of feeling nervous. Remember that feeling this way is normal and it is an opportunity to learn about letting go of fear. If you’ve read last month’s tip and started preparing for the event you are already well on your way, so nicely done! In order to keep the nerves at bay during and prior to the event, try exploring these strategies:

  • Maintaining Positive Self-Talk – visualization
  • Relaxation Techniques – breathing techniques

Look the Part

Dress as though you are heading into an actual interview. Did you know that what you wear can create a very positive first impression? Invest time ensuring you look your best, which will go a long way in making you feel your best and allow you to exude confidence!

Practice Makes Perfect

Rehearsing what you are going to say when you greet an employer is another great way to build up your confidence. Employ friends and family members to listen to your “employer pitch” until you are feeling comfortable. Or you can make arrangements to come into the Career Centre and meet with an Employment Consultant to let them hear your pitch! Ensure you call 250.248.3205 to book an appointment if this is the route you choose.

Ease into Things

When you are at the Hiring Fair, don’t approach your #1 employer first. Give yourself time to work through your nerves and connect with businesses that perhaps are not at the top of your list. You will be more comfortable and ready to shine when you meet with your first choice!

Build Character

Starting a new job is exciting and can be a little nerve racking at the same time. New experiences help you to practice determination, self-control, patience, and eventually confidence. These are all good values that build character to help you impress your next employer.

A Final Note

You should now be feeling empowered and ready to meet your next potential employer, but perhaps you have sensory issues and would feel more comfortable in a less crowded environment? If this is the case, consider attending the Hiring Fair between 3:00 and 4:00 when it tends to be quieter.

The very act of attending an event like this, shows you are building your self-confidence and open to trying new things. Congratulations, this is good news and you are well on your way to success!



If you are looking for work, plan to attend the WorkBC Hiring Fair hosted by the Career Centre on Thursday March 16th from 12pm-4pm at Ecole Ballenas Secondary School in Parksville. With upwards of 50 employers on-site, this is a unique opportunity and a terrific way for job seekers to connect face-to-face with businesses who are looking to hire!

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to start planning for the job fair and your job search in general – we want you to be successful!

Step 1: Attend a “How to Prepare for a Hiring Fair” workshop

Learn networking strategies to ensure your success when you meet face-to-face with employers. Understand what you need to prepare before, during and after the Hiring Fair. Watch for these workshops coming up in early March.

Step 2: Dress for Success

This is no different than attending a job interview at an employer’s place of business, so you need to dress neatly and appropriately. If you need interview attire, set up an appointment to see an employment consultant here at the Career Centre – we can help.

Step 3: Research Registered Employers

You can get a step ahead of the competition by checking the list of businesses participating in the fair and researching your favourites! You can learn a lot about a company by looking online, including a glimpse of their work culture and values. After completing your research, prepare a list of questions to ask employers when you are at the Hiring Fair.

Step 4: Bring Several Copies of Your Resume

Take a folder with you containing a list of the employers you want to meet, as well as several copies of your resume, cover letters (addressed to specific employers) and letters of reference (if you have them). Be prepared to hand out additional resumes to employers not on your list. If you need assistance with creating/updating your resume, be sure to attend our Resumes and Cover Letters workshop prior to the Hiring Fair (workshops run February 6 and 22).

Step 5: Be Prepared for an Impromptu Interview

You may have two to five minutes to market yourself to a potential employer and gather information, so make the most of your time. Prior to attending, develop a one-minute “presentation statement” to highlight your qualifications. For more information on marketing yourself, consider attending our Branding “YOU”  workshop (February 7 and 21) and/or Acing the Interview (February 7 and 27).

Step 6: Network! Network! Network!

Practice the perfect greeting including eye contact, as this will make a good first impression. A Hiring Fair is a great opportunity to connect with employers and other job seekers that can support moving your career forward. Push yourself to connect with as many people as you can at the Hiring Fair.

Step 7: Collect Contact Information

Write down the name of the person and company you are interested in and their contact information, or make sure to ask for a business card from them. This will support you with Step 8.

Step 8: Send a Thank-you Note

Stay ahead of your competition by sending a thank-you note or email to your employers of choice the next day. If you do this via email, make sure it is in proper business language; no jargon, abbreviations or spelling mistakes.

The Career Centre’s Hiring Fair is a free event for job seekers to connect with local employers. For information on upcoming workshops or to register, call 250.248.3205.

We look forward to seeing you on March 16th at Ecole Ballenas Secondary School from 12-4pm!


What is One Small Thing You Can Do Today for Self-Care?

It’s a new year and why not start off by taking good care of you! It’s a great first step in working towards that new job or career you’ve been considering!

Ever wonder what happens when you don’t take care of yourself?

Consequences of Not Practicing Self-Care:

Jacqueline Getchius, a licensed professional clinical counsellor, lists the consequences of not practicing self-care on Psych Central which include:

• Low energy
• Feelings of hopelessness
• Less patience
• Increased headaches, stomach aches and other physical symptoms of stress
• Difficulty falling and staying asleep
• Binge eating or increase in unhealthy eating habits
• Worsening mental health symptoms
• Burnout
• Difficulties concentrating
• Relationship challenges or strains
• Reduction in performance at work
• Less motivation to engage in social activities

 https://eugenetherapy.com/article/50-self-care-ideas-for-a-bad-day/

 See a Doctor Online: https://www.telus.com/en/personal-health/my-care/doctors

 Video – 5 Self Care Tips When You Feel Broken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7pkZmJSXLY

 https://cmha-yr.on.ca/get-support/

 https://bouncebackbc.ca/

Crisis Lines · Vancouver Island Crisis Line 1-888-494-3888 · 1800SUICIDE 1-800-784-2433 · Mental Health Support 310-6789 (no need for “1” in front of this number) Talk Suicide Canada 1-833-456-4566.

In this new year, let’s all make a point of taking good care of ourselves. The results will benefit not only ourselves, but everyone around us – employers and job seekers alike!



It’s easy to get bogged down this time of year. The holidays are upon us, it’s almost a new year, it feels like money is going out in a steady river and you might be looking for a new job. Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or looking for a change, it’s important to make a conscious choice to remain positive and thankful for all that you currently have. Here are some of my favourite articles and pointers on how to keep an attitude of gratitude this holiday season.

6 simple tips for staying thankful during a tough job search:


If you’re struggling to keep motivated and positive during your job search, a journal may help enormously:

How to Keep a Gratitude Journal During Your Job Search

Do you need to be shown why it pays to be optimistic? This article is for you!

3 Ways Having Gratitude Improves Your Job Search Results

In this Ted Talk, Brother David Steindl-Rast tells us how to use gratitude in your job search:


There are many benefits to practicing gratitude which may lead to a more positive job search outcome. A quick google search reveals an almost limitless supply of articles from many points of view. Science tells us that people who regularly practice gratitude by taking the time to observe, be present, reflect, and demonstrate compassion and kindness towards others, tend to experience more positive emotions, are more resilient, sleep better, and have lower stress and anxiety levels. All of which, can potentially impact the outcome of your job search efforts in a very positive way!

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