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Check out our Employer of the Month and Tip of the Month for July/August 2024!

Tip of the month

Tip of the Month For June

Add Fun to Your Job Search

Summer is here and often people relate summer to fun, play and vacations. Looking for work could be a tough task when the sun is shining and the beach is calling. So here are some ways to add some fun to your job search:

  1. Start a blog or website that focuses on your interests and passions. Have you felt a surge of energy when you are telling people about your favourite fishing hole or the great golf game you had yesterday? Does time fly when you are scrapbooking? Share these passions with the rest of the world and you never know where this may lead. Perhaps a golf course hires you to help in the pro shop or a local scrapbooking company hears about your blog and hires you to assist in a workshop. Start with www.blogger.com , an easy free blogging site. Sign up for our Using Social Media for Your Job Search work-shop to find out more.
  2. Most jobs aren’t advertised and job seekers find out about jobs through their network. There are fun ways to expand your network, like signing up for that course you always wanted to take, even if it isn’t related to your job. Who knows who might be in the class? Join a recreation class; you get exercise and meet new people, who may be possible employers, or know someone who is hiring.
  3. Pamper yourself – get a new haircut, pedicure or a new outfit. You will feel and look good and present well in interviews and when dropping off resumes. The Vancouver Island University Spa Institute offers reduced rates for spa services at the Parksville/Qualicum campus.
  4. Get out in the community! Summer is packed full of festivals, markets and special events in the Oceanside area. Volunteer to help out at local events and meet people, gain more skills and enjoy the day. Oceanside Tourism Association has a calendar of local events @ visitparksvillequalicumbeach.com.

Tip of the Month For April

By Janet Kimmel, CCDP/Employment Consultant

Want the inside scoop on how to stand out among other job candidates?

The job market is competitive. I read an interesting article on self-marketing for employment in a recent issue of BC Business magazine and thought about how it can help job seekers on Central Vancouver Island. It addresses the topic of what recruiters look for in potential candidates. Recruiters work on behalf of employers to find the best person to fill a particular role in an organization. The article discusses a new trend where it is no longer enough to be the person who achieves top grades from a good college or other training program; it is the individual who brings their true self (your brand) to the interview who will certainly stand out. The principles can be applied to job seekers in large cities and can also be applied to smaller labour market such as ours.

How can you prepare yourself to stand out from the competition?
How do you demonstrate your brand?

Know your personality
What are your talents, passions, interests, unique qualities and goals that go beyond finding a job?
People with the power to hire want to hear about your thoughts, ideas, and visions on human, social, and community issues. Idealism, leadership skills, and a strong desire to improve something are examples of key character traits.

Research the organization
Use technology that is all around us. Learn from company websites and social media posts, from which you become familiar with a particular philosophical viewpoint or cause. Armed with information, you can discuss how their vision is similar to your own. John Allen, from the staffing company, People Solutions, says “With a focus on the triple bottom line and creating health and wealth in whole communities… (financial institution) Vancity looks for candidates who have done their research on the company’s cooperative model and are philosophically aligned with its mission and vision.”

Be yourself
Continue to be true to yourself and you will find a good fit. Build your resume with experience and skills you gain from community involvement. There is no shortage of work to be done, both volunteer and paid. Any specialized knowledge you acquire is the value you bring to your next job, and is an integral part of your brand.

Learn more on this topic
Come to a free workshop at The Career Centre where you can learn how your personality and your brand are essential to finding work you love.

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