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March Tip of the Month

Benefits of Seasonal Employment

By definition, seasonal employment refers to employment opportunities that are available for only a portion of the year.

While taking a seasonal job may not be part of your long tem goal in career planning, these positions can help you prosper in the future. Here are ten reasons to consider seasonal employment:

  • Flexibility – Seasonal jobs can fill the time gaps between other projects. For example: school, travel, or another employment opportunity. Seasonal employers are often more likely to work with you on scheduling your ideal shifts and days off so you can have a great work/life balance.
  • Earning Potential – Several employers pay higher wages or offer signing bonuses for seasonal employment. Often there are more chances for overtime in short term projects.
  • Work and Travel – Some employers pay the travel cost of getting you to a job in a different province or country. This gives you a chance to work, travel and explore new opportunities while on location. Accommodations may be paid for by your employer, which in turn may lower your cost of living.
  • Finding Your Niche – Seasonal jobs give you the opportunity to try out different professions to see if they are a good fit or not.  If it is something you enjoy then it’s a good introduction to a field you may want to pursue.
  • Building Skills – Each new job gives you new skills to build on. For instance, good customer service skills are important in every position dealing with the public.  Many employers provide training courses which offer valuable certificates or tickets that will help you gain long term employment.  For example: First Aid, WHMIS, FoodSafe, Serving it Right, a Forklift Ticket and many more. All these transferable skills can be added to your portfolio for your next line of work.
  • Building Character – Starting a new job is exciting and can be a little nerve racking at the same time. New experiences help you to practice determination, self-control, patience, and eventually confidence. These are all good values that build character to help you impress your next employer.
  • Employer Perks – Some seasonal employers will entice you to join their team with perks. For example, enjoy receiving employee discounts at a spa, free lift passes, or tickets to special events.
  • Networking – Your co-workers can help you find other employment opportunities. For example, they may know of other opportunities you would be perfect for, or they may be a good reference for you in the future.  The more people you impress the greater your chances of finding that dream job you’ve been searching for.
  • Getting Your Foot In the Door – A lot of seasonal employment is entry level. Starting out with a seasonal position gives your employer a chance to see what you can do and gives you the opportunity to gain the skills you need to do the job.  Often employers hire for work ethic and attitude and will teach their employees the skills they need to do the particular job.  If you impress your employer they may want to keep you and offer you future work within their organization.
  • Resume Building – Seasonal work will fill gaps in your resume. Building new skills to list on your resume will show that you are willing to try new situations.  Having no gaps in your work history shows that you’re a go-getter, making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen.

Given the information above, consider making seasonal employment a stepping stone towards advancing your career in a short amount of time. Check out new opportunities on our website.

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