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Mature Workers

In the Oceanside area we have the opportunity to meet and work with many mature workers who are transitioning from one job or career to another. Our Employment Consultants are skilled in helping you identify your transferable skills – traits you can easily showcase to a new employer when moving into a new job or area of expertise.

The WorkBC website also provides links and valuable resources for mature workers.

If you feel you need to upgrade your computer skills or are wondering what all the buzz with social media is about, you can also register for the following Career Centre workshops:

Word Processing Basics

This workshop will guide you through word processing basics. Using Microsoft Word, you will learn how to save, open and modify documents.

Internet Basics

This workshop provides the skills you need to search and apply for jobs online. You will learn the basics of searching the web and using email. Clients will receive thorough instruction on using internet explorer as well as an introduction to the Career Centre website.

Making Age an Asset

Enjoy a lively discussion about the mature worker job search: the myths, realities and opportunities, as well as current hot tips for success. Hear from a panel of local, mature worker-friendly employers and people who have started their own businesses later in life.

Schedule an appointment at 250.248.3205 to find out more about the programs and initiatives available to assist mature workers in reaching their employment goals.

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