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Starbucks – November 2022




Tell us about your business/organization and what makes you stand out as an employer?

Being a Starbucks partner (employee) means becoming part of something bigger: inspiring positive change in the world while you grow in your career and in your community. It’s an opportunity to be your personal best.

As a partner you can enjoy (even part-time)…

  • free drinks during your shift and 30% discounts
  • free pound of coffee or box of tea every week
  • tuition reimbursement up to $1k/year
  • comprehensive benefits package
  • stocks/RESP match
  • $5000/year mental health
  • career advancement opportunities as soon as 6 months in the role

How many employees do you have?

23 partners in our Parksville location

What do you look for in a new employee?

Someone who is willing to become their personal best, who is aligned with our mission and values and wants to help others.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work for your organization?

Always remember the human connection. We are not in the coffee business serving people, but in the people business serving coffee.

Do you anticipate hiring in the next 6 months? If so, for what types of positions?

Yes! Barista and Shift Supervisor.


What is the best way for someone to apply if they are interested in working for your business?   

Apply online at : www.starbucks.ca/careers  SEARCH 04643





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