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WorkBC Wage Subsidy Program


The WorkBC Wage Subsidy program, managed by the Career Centre, provides financial support to an employer as an incentive to hire and/or re-hire for full time permanent positions and provide work experience and skills enhancement to eligible job seekers.

Benefits of the Wage Subsidy Program for Employers:

  • The employer is reimbursed a portion of an (eligible) employee’s wages during the term of the Wage Subsidy (up to 24 weeks)
  • The Career Centre provides a free job posting service on our website where employers are welcome to post their Wage Subsidy position
  • The Career Centre can assist you with your recruiting and can refer suitable candidates
  • An employer may apply for the Wage Subsidy to re-hire an employee following a lay off
  • An employer may apply for the Wage Subsidy to hire an employee they have recruited independent of the Career Centre/WorkBC services

Employer Eligibility:

An employer must:

  • Be a registered business in B.C.
  • Comply with all applicable legislation including, but not limited to, the Employment Standards Act, Workers Compensation Act, Income Tax Act (Canada) and the Employment Insurance Act (Canada)
  • Be at arm’s length from the WorkBC service provider and employee
  • Offer a full-time position of approximately 35-40 hours per week, unless the job seeker has a documented need for fewer hours per week
  • Offer Insurable Employment
  • Offer a position where the job and work are primarily done in B.C.
  • Not fill a position vacant because of layoff (other than by filling it with the laid-off person, unless that person declines the position)
  • Confirm that the job seeker is not an existing employee unless they have been laid-off and are being recalled
  • Confirm the job seeker would not be hired in the absence of a Wage Subsidy
  • Confirm that as a result of the Wage Subsidy placement, no workers will experience reduction in hours or be laid-off
  • Offer the likelihood of long-term employment or provide needed work experience to help the job seeker achieve long-term employment elsewhere
  • Pay reasonable, competitive wages reflecting the prevailing wage rate for the position

Job Seeker Eligibility:

A job seeker must be:

  • A permanent resident of B.C. or Canadian Citizen
  • Unemployed (not working fulltime, part-time, temporarily, etc.)
  • Identified for this service through a WorkBC service provider or employer
  • In need of work experience


Qualified employers can apply at any point during their recruitment or re-hiring process. If you are ready to make an employment offer OR if you are just starting to search for a candidate you can apply online!

The Employer Handbook and Employer Application are both available online: https://www.workbc.ca/discover-employment-services/wage-subsidy-program

If your business is actively recruiting, please be sure to post on the Career Centre website job postings. With an average of 1,079 views per day, our job posting service remains an important resource, showcasing employment opportunities for all job seekers!

Important Note: Before the candidate starts employment with your organization, the wage subsidy contract must be signed by all parties. Please call Lorrie Mohl, Employer Services Coordinator at 250.248.3205 ext 236 before the employee’s first day of employment.

Things to Note:

  • Eligible employers are responsible for identifying and evaluating the individual for the position and may accept or decline an individual referred by the Career Centre (WorkBC Parksville) for a Wage Subsidy placement.
  • Once employer and job seeker eligibility is confirmed, the Career Centre will work with both parties and determine the appropriate terms of each Wage Subsidy agreement. The terms of a Wage Subsidy agreement for a “Re-Hire” position will likely be quite different from a Wage Subsidy agreement for a newly created position or a position where extensive on-the-job training and skill development is required.
  • We know you are busy. The Career Centre aims to complete the paperwork in a timely manner and will reimburse the agreed upon percentage of the wage following each payroll period or on a monthly basis. Our commitment is to process the subsidy cheque to the employer within five working days of receiving the claim form and supporting documents (pay stubs, time card, etc.).

For more information on how your organization may benefit from the WorkBC Wage Subsidy program, please contact:
Lorrie Mohl,
Employer Services Coordinator
250.248.3205 ext. 236

Ian Lindsay, a local realtor, shares how easy and beneficial it is to utilize the Wage Subsidy program:

My real estate business needs to have an effective administrative team in place at all times. The Career Centre, with support from the Wage Subsidy program, has allowed me to train and upgrade new employees in a supportive, easy paper/cash flow process. The Career Centre staff care about both the employee and the employer. I strongly recommend contacting them to see what they can do for you and your business in these changing times!”       – Ian Lindsay, RE/MAX Anchor Realty

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