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The Importance of Adding Exercise in with Your Job Search

While you are job searching you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and in some instances, mildly to moderately depressed. One way to alleviate the symptoms of depression is to engage in some regular physical exercise and to connect with people socially. You don’t have to join a gym or an exercise group to reap the benefits. Here is a list of free activities you can do to keep yourself active and mentally well as you job search:

• After prolonged periods of sitting at a computer, lace up your runners and walk around your neighborhood.
• Walk to your local employment services centre.
• Venture down to Parksville beach and enjoy the beautiful boardwalk and meditation path.
• Feeling adventurous? Explore one of the many trails in the Oceanside area: Englishman River, Rathtrevor, Springwood trail, or Top Bridge.
• Get your heart rate up! Walk or run the stairs at the end of Doehle Avenue in Parksville.
• Sole Sisters drop in walking group offers guide trail walks, organized by the Arrowsmith Community Recreation Association. Wednesday from 10 am to 11 am.
• Ramblers Walking Group takes place each Monday at 10 am during summer months, rain or shine.
• Check out the trail that goes from Springwood School in Parksville to Coombs Market, which is great for walking, running or biking.

Remember, staying active benefits both your mental health and your job search!


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