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February Tip of the Month

Self-care asks us to slow ourselves down and look inward and while seeking a job, this can often seem counter-intuitive. “Who has time for self-care? I just need to go and get a job!” is a conversation we might have with ourselves. While self-care may feel like a strange concept to match up with job search, the simple practices we are sharing can go a long way in helping you get ready. Our tips will assist you in preparing to secure the position of your choice and lessen the stress during the first few weeks of orientation on the job.

So, if the February blues are getting you down, try these simple practices to get geared up for hiring season:

1/ Take care of your physical self:
It’s been a long winter, and though our bodies might want to slumber until spring, our job search will be far more effective if we prepare ourselves for potential employment with good sleep, nutrition and a daily movement practice. Even 15 minutes a day of walking or a light workout can make all the difference in lifting our spirits. Also, there is no replacement for getting enough sleep, water and nutrition throughout the day. Believe it or not, the good energy these simple practices radiate are visible to others and are proven to have great positive effect on our physical and mental health – both of which support a greater chance of success in the job market.

2/ Get up and STOP! What??? Whoever says that? Our get up and go attitude can feel productive, but if we’re not grounded we may burn out by noon. If you find yourself feeling as though you’re running in circles, try this simple practice when you wake: take a moment with your feet on the ground at the edge of the bed and spend a few minutes doing some slow, deep breathing while simply letting your thoughts go, returning your attention to your breath. Starting the day mindfully offers the benefit of time for reflection, an organized start, and a greater access to calm throughout the day.

3/ Know where your energy levels are at. Take a few minutes while moving about your now mindful morning and just check in with what you feel up to. Sure we don’t always feel like we are ready to go greet employers and sell ourselves, so look within. Sometimes we can boost ourselves up with some positive self-talk, or call a trusted support to help buoy us up, while at other times we just have a flat feeling and there is nothing to be done but recognize it. If and when the day does feel flat, assess what activities you can do to still keep yourself moving forward: make a list of 5 places to target for employment and start scouring their websites for clues for your cover letter. Perhaps you have all the energy in the world and are ready to self-market and go get that job. If that is the case, gather your resources and head out for a day of job seeking and networking. Knowing yourself and what you have to work with is a very powerful tool for directing your day. Do what you can to keep yourself moving forward and make the best use of your time. This will serve you well when job seeking, and when you are back in the work force.

Ultimately, remember that job seeking can take a lot out of us and we often are the last ones on our list. Filling up your own cup will go a long way to sustaining you through not only your job search but your life.

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