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Most experts agree, December and January are typically quiet months as most recruiting goes on a temporary hiatus. Managers may decide to put off their hiring goals until after the New Year. People are on vacation, celebrating with their families, and slowing down training and onboarding activities.

January and February seem to be the best time of year to land that job. Hiring managers have likely just received their budgets. Hiring continues after the holidays, and employees return to work rested and ready to perform. Using employers’ downtime to your advantage during the holidays, could result in a perfect new job!

It’s important to keep up your momentum and actively job search during this time. Here are some reasons to continue to job search during December and through January:

Fewer Competitors

Many job seekers take a break from job searching at this time. You may face less competition when applying for a job. There is a better chance of being hired for sudden opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

With all of the social and business get-togethers happening now, you have an opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. Consider attending some of the many events occurring in your area. Bring your business cards so you can easily pass on your information to all your new contacts.
(Pro tip: brush up on your networking skills with our Beyond the Postings workshop. Call 250.248.3205 to register.)

Secured Employment

It might be an even more enjoyable holiday season knowing you’re going into the New Year with a new job, salary and benefits. You could even spend a bit more on that festive budget!

Early Start to January Hiring

As we mentioned, a lot of businesses receive their new budgets in January. Making that connection now might make that manager’s hiring decision in January much easier.  Applying at this time of year allows you to connect with hiring managers before other candidates start applying in the New Year.

Potential for Seasonal to Permanent Jobs

Many employers hire temporary staff during the holidays. Some temporary employees can stand out and discover key timing for new opportunities. If you make a good impression, you might just land that permanent position.

Later Start Dates

Many companies take extra time off during the holiday season. If you want extra time before starting your new job, you can discuss options and negotiate a later start date.

Team Building during the Holidays

Many employers celebrate the holidays with outings, events and parties. Starting a new job during this time will allow you to bond with your new teammates and get a feel for the company culture.

Keep up your Momentum

Keeping up your job search efforts and schedule will help you maintain your momentum. Staying organized and ready for a last-minute interview can help develop good habits. Maintaining your motivation can make it easier to transition into January if you’re still looking for a new role.

Remember, sometimes the ability to feel motivated depends on how hopeful you are that you’ll find a job or how you feel about your interactions with potential employers. If you notice yourself becoming demotivated you may want to practice some positive self-talk and affirmations. Positive self-talk is thinking positive thoughts that make you feel good about yourself and your circumstances. This practice may help you feel more optimistic and motivated.

You can practice this as an inner monologue or vocalize your affirmations. Ask yourself what you might say to a friend needing encouragement and then say those same things to yourself.

  • I have a strong and healthy body.
  • I achieve my goals.
  • I’m a hard worker, and my efforts are always rewarded.
  • I’m being kind to myself today.
  • I have an attitude of gratitude.

Are there any more that you can come up with?

However you find your motivation, the important part is that you try. Stay positive and keep putting your resumes out there, make connections, and have a happy holiday!

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