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The Career Centre has resources to help employers build and manage their workforce, including information on the process of hiring new employees, finding good candidates, as well as interviewing and evaluating potential employees.

Are you an Inclusive Employer?

Did you know hiring people with disabilities is good for business? It really is!

Businesses in our community know how challenging it is to find and keep good employees. People with disabilities represent an important employee talent pool that is largely untapped.

Employers focused on creating and supporting an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace report having greater success with their recruiting and retention strategies. The Career Centre’s annual Hiring Fair is always an opportunity for your organization to showcase your employment opportunities as well as feature your inclusive practices.

By clearly identifying the skills, education and experience required for a role, welcoming a range of qualities of prospective candidates, being aware of how unconscious biases may influence recruiting and hiring decisions, you are on the way to being a more inclusive employer.

When an organization focuses on the strengths and talents (the abilities) of their workforce, research shows that they experience a reduced employee turnover rate, and are 120% more likely to hit their financial targets.  The path to a more inclusive and diverse workplace, where a sense of belonging is the norm, is different for every organization.

We have included some resources below which you might find helpful in the development of an inclusive workplace:

Creating an Inclusive Workplace: WorkBC

Hiring People with Disabilities:  Gov’t of Canada

The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

Accessible Employers (Evaluate your policies and practices for FREE)

Workplace Accommodations in Canada (CCDI)

People Power: Why Diversity and Inclusion is the Secret to Innovation (Forbes)

How to Recognize an Inclusive Employer (Randstad)

Rick Hansen Foundation

Why Canadian companies should do more to hire people with disabilities (Globe and Mail)

Untapped Labour Market: Go2HR

WorkBC Services and Hiring a Person with a Disability: Tools for Success

The Career Centre employs two Job Developers who specialize in providing customized employment support to WorkBC clients who require additional support, such as customized instruction and demonstrations, to gain employment.  A Job Developer attends the workplace with the client and are also available to the employer to explore together what the workplace needs are and what the workplace can accommodate.  Finding the right fit is possible.

There are several program options for Employers:

Unpaid Work Experiences:  An unpaid work experience (UWE) usually involves six 4-hour shifts over a two-three weeks which allow the WorkBC client and the employer to “try it out”.  The Job Developer accompanies the individual onsite and is available to provide additional support to both the employer and the individual during the shifts as needed and until both parties are comfortable.  A customized job description outlining the tasks and responsibilities, the number of hours worked per week, the duration of the unpaid work experience, and the needs of both the Client and the Employer will be developed with the employer in advance.  At the conclusion of the UWE the parties may agree to enter into an employment relationship, but there is no obligation to do so. Should an employment relationship be established, the Job Developer is available for a full-year after hiring for support in training for both employee and employer.

Job Coaching:  The goal of the job coaching process is for the employee (WorkBC client) to be independent and productive on the job.  The Job Developer learns the job with the employee and provides guidance while the employee develops their routines and work habits.  The Job Developer helps the employee prepare for, plan and prioritize job tasks, overcome their personal barriers , use coping skills to manage any overwhelming thoughts and create job aid tools such as checklists and visual aids.  The Job Developers are often on site during the client’s first shifts to better observe and provide any necessary support if need be and are available to job coach on the job until both the client and the employer feel comfortable. A Job Developer can be on site at any time for a full-year after hiring for support in training for both the employee and employer.

Job Carving:  Working with the employer, the Job Developer separates out specific tasks from an existing job description that align with the identified abilities of the WorkBC client. Together, a new role is created that is unique to the employee (WorkBC Client) the Job Developer is supporting.

Training Wage Subsidy:  New employees require on the job training, and the WorkBC wage subsidy program provides funding to employers for a portion of wage expense incurred during training.  The program predominately funds the training for full time positions and will support part time positions when it suits the limitations and or workplace accommodation requirements of the worker. 

Employers who have accessed these programs to support their recruitment strategies report that they find the experience to be insightful and rewarding for their organizations.   

Find out how your current team is doing:

Free tool to assess your current team

Here are some other useful links for employers to explore:

Local Labour Market Information – May 2016 through May 2021
Employment Standards Branch
Get Youth Working Program
Small Business BC
The HR Guide for Canadian Employers
Women’s Enterprise Centre
Work BC

Ensure Your Job Posting Gets Seen:

Creating Job Postings to Attract Top Candidates

Current programs and initiatives for small business and employers include:

B.C Employer Training Grant
Island Ops
WorkBC Community and Employer Partnerships

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