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The Career Centre has resources to help employers build and manage their workforce, including information on the process of hiring new employees, finding good candidates, as well as interviewing and evaluating potential employees.

Are you an Inclusive Employer?

Did you know hiring people with disabilities is good for business? It really is!

Businesses in our community know how challenging it is to find and keep good employees. People with disabilities represent an important employee talent pool that is largely untapped.

Employers focused on creating and supporting an Inclusive Workplace report having greater success with their recruiting and retention strategies.

When organizations engage in Inclusive Hiring practices and focus on the strengths, talents and abilities of individuals, research proves these employers are 120% more likely to hit financial targets and reduce employee turnover rates, while not adversely impacting workplace safety. Another study showed that most workplace accommodations cost less than $500, when most do not cost your company a dime!

To learn more about the benefits of creating an accessible, inclusive workplace please refer to the links provided below:

Accessible Employers
How to Recognize an Inclusive Employer
People Power: Why Diversity and Inclusion is the Secret to Innovation (Forbes Article)

Find out how your current team is doing:

Free tool to assess your current team

Here are some other useful links for employers to explore:

Employment Standards Branch
Get Youth Working Program
Experience Matters
Small Business BC
The HR Guide for Canadian Employers
Women’s Enterprise Centre
Work BC

Ensure Your Job Posting Gets Seen:

Creating Job Postings to Attract Top Candidates

Current programs and initiatives for small business and employers include:

B.C Employer Training Grant
Island Ops
WorkBC Community and Employer Partnerships

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