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JAM – JANUARY 3, 2024


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Tell us about your business/organization and what makes you stand out as an employer?

The BC RCMP 9-1-1 Police Dispatch Centre Courtenay is a closely connected team of supportive individuals who are passionate about their career and who have a common purpose to help and protect others. We are proud to be part of a caring culture where our co-workers become our second family and our strong teamwork builds a positive work environment.

How many employees do you have?

Approximately 60

What do you look for in a new employee?

We are looking for someone with a strong desire to make a difference in the community and the opportunity to help people in need excites and motivates you. You possess a high level of accountability and commitment, and your ability to complete multiple tasks under pressure is reflective of your capacity to be a quick thinker. You are known for your great communication skills and can quickly summarize what you hear. You thrive in a fast pace environment. You are able to demonstrate self-control and composure during high pressure moments.

You have a thirst to learn and seek out opportunities to learn in an interactive environment. You are proficient in using a computer and you have accurate and fast typing skill (minimum of 40WPM with 95% accuracy).

Must Have skills

  • Canadian Citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada
  • Resided (been physically present) in Canada for the last 5 years. (Applicants may be considered if they have 4 years of residency.)
  • You have a Canadian high school diploma or or a satisfactory score on the Public Service Commission test approved as an alternative to a secondary school diploma.
  • You are proficient in English

What advice would you give someone who wants to work for your organization?

Visit our website www.bcrcmp911.ca and register to attend one of our Career Presentations to learn about the position and the hiring process.  It is also good to know what your typing speed is and practice before hand if below 40WPM as one of the first steps includes the typing test.

Do you anticipate hiring in the next 6 months? If so, for what types of positions?

Yes, we are hiring for 9-1-1 Police Dispatchers. Dispatchers answer emergency and non-emergency calls from the public and we dispatch our police officers to the scene.

What is the best way for someone to apply if they are interested in working for your organization?

Step 1: Attend a Career Presentation where you will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from our Recruiters about the exciting and rewarding career of a 9-1-1 Police Dispatcher.

Step 2: Submit an Application Package. If your work experience and qualifications meet the requirements for the 9-1-1 Police Dispatcher position, you will be invited to participate in the next stage of the Application Process. The timeframe to receive a notification is approximately 2-4 weeks.


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